About Me

I pride myself on the thoroughness of preparation in any landscaping project I undertake. Only in this way will there be long-lasting customer satisfaction in the end result. Laying paving, building walls or turfing over a badly prepared site may be cheaper, but what would it look like after the first heavy rain?

The following photographs illustrate the various stages:

First of all the site is cleared and rubbish skipped and removed. In this case it was a major task!

The second picture show the site after clearance. Rotavating has been done, drainage installed, the ground levelled. walls built, concrete laid and fences erected. Some specimen shrubs have been saved.

This photo shows the Gazebo erected and paving is underway

Finally, top quality turf is carefully laid, shingle and stone spread, and planting can take place.

A transformation and one that will last for many years to come.